Our Advantage

The success of PETRON can largely be attributed to its transformation from a provider of technical solutions to that of a trusted advisor to clients. It has built trust through consistent track record, migrating seamlessly across the value chain from supplier to partners.

Our idea is consistent with internationally acceptable HSE standards; having the highest form of regards on people and environment over profit.

News Releases

PETRON signed a deal with its American partner Shaw Regional Transit LLC, USA to arrange a US$100million finance package from one of the world’s most reputable funding agencies to enable it acquire and operate its own fleet of Drill Rigs.

Statement from Management

Bonny C. Peter

At PETRON, we recognize opportunities when we see it.
The Nigerian Oil and Gas Industry Content Development Act, 2010 (“the Oil and Gas Local Content Act”) was enacted to provide for the development of an-all inclusive Nigerian Local Content to maximize the benefits in the Nigerian Oil and Gas Industry.

The Act provides that Nigerian Independent Operators, with proven capacity, shall be given the first consideration in the award of oil blocks, oil field licences, oil lifting licences and in all projects for which a contract is to be awarded in the Nigerian oil and gas industry subject to such conditions as may be specified from time to time by the Minister of Petroleum.

We applaud the government for taking this bold step to make the provision that Any bid for any license, permit or interest in the Nigerian oil and gas industry must be accompanied by a Nigerian Content Plan which the local content regulator must review and issue a certificate of authorisation if the Content Plan complies with the provisions of the Nigerian Oil and Gas Local Content Act.

We were not myopic of the opportunities that are inherent in these various provisions especially when it also states that all operators and promoters in the Nigerian oil and gas industry are required to give to Nigerians, especially those operating in the oil and gas producing communities, the first consideration when acquiring goods and services, employing personnel or training existing personnel. Operators are compulsorily required to submit at regular intervals, an employment, training and succession plan.

That’s why we are geared up to construct new rigs on a large scale to establish a solid supply chain structure to assure availability of component equipment. We will also organize multiple venues of fabrication and construction capacity both in the Nigeria and elsewhere.

These actions will put us in position to take advantage of the localization initiative and also to take advantage of the current global demand for rigs. Our ability will be to deliver more rigs, in more styles, in more places than anyone else. Contracts and robust cash flow from our rig fleet will combine to build the largest, most modern and most capable fleet in the world, available when you need it and where you need it.