Our Advantage

The success of PETRON can largely be attributed to its transformation from a provider of technical solutions to that of a trusted advisor to clients. It has built trust through consistent track record, migrating seamlessly across the value chain from supplier to partners.

Our idea is consistent with internationally acceptable HSE standards; having the highest form of regards on people and environment over profit.

News Releases

PETRON signed a deal with its American partner Shaw Regional Transit LLC, USA to arrange a US$100million finance package from one of the world’s most reputable funding agencies to enable it acquire and operate its own fleet of Drill Rigs.

Health, Safety and Environment

At PETRON, we continue to make health, safety and environmental protection our highest priority. And even though our performance over the past ten years in each of these areas has improved to the point where we far surpass industry averages, we will not be satisfied until we achieve a zero incidence rate.

Industry statistics nationwide reveal that for every 10,000 unsafe acts there are 1,000 near misses or incidents that require first aid; 100 restricted work cases or cases that require medical treatment only; 10 lost-time accidents; and ultimately, one fatality. This broad-base of minor incidences statistically converging to an apex of the most severe incidence is what is commonly known in the industry as the safety pyramid.

We are focused on changing the geometry of this pyramid and we are doing it at the grass-roots level by developing a culture that focuses on eliminating unsafe acts, the base on which the pyramid is built. The key to success in this effort is greater management commitment at every level and accountability up and down the line. It is dependent on establishing standards, ensuring that the standards are understood by every employee, and installing a system that requires compliance.

PETRON has developed a system designed to push safety to new lows in terms of the number of unsafe acts committed on our rigs each day. The cornerstones of this system are:

POLICY RETENTION: For several years, PETRON has steadily improved its safety performance by enacting a series of safety policies and procedures. Many of these have been very effective, including the utilization of the DuPont Stop Card Program and Job Safety Analysis (JSA’s). We will continue to implement these successful programs, while de-emphasizing those that have proven to be less effective.

ADVANCED SAFETY AUDITS: No safety program can be completely successful without a method of measuring progress. The Advanced Safety Audit is conducted at the rig site where employees are observed in their actual work environment. Unsafe acts and conditions are recognized and addressed in a constructive situation where the employee is encouraged to identify, analyze and suggest appropriate corrective actions. A steady decline in the number of unsafe situations being observed indicates progress is being made.

HSE LEADERSHIP: To be successful, a safety program must eschew management involvement in favor of management commitment. The Nabors HSE Leadership Program develops that commitment in a comprehensive, classroom environment that equips all levels of management, down to the first supervisory level, to recognize and address the issues that influence safety. Then managers are required to actually visit the rigs in their area to hone their skills in real-life situations.