Our Advantage

The success of PETRON can largely be attributed to its transformation from a provider of technical solutions to that of a trusted advisor to clients. It has built trust through consistent track record, migrating seamlessly across the value chain from supplier to partners.

Our idea is consistent with internationally acceptable HSE standards; having the highest form of regards on people and environment over profit.

Petron Drilling

PETRON DRILLING FIELDS (NIGERIA) LIMITED (PETRON), headquartered in Lagos Nigeria, is a proudly Nigerian oil and natural gas Drilling company with field office in oil-rich community of Umusadege in Kwale Delta State and an administrative office in Little Ferry, New Jersey, USA.

As an energy-oriented company engaging in contract drilling primarily in the Niger-Delta region of Nigeria, The Company was therefore incorporated under the laws of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and Licensed to Drill for Crude oil and Natural Gas in the year 2013.

PETRON is an initiative of Pebon Worldwide Solutions Nigeria Ltd and Shaw Regional Transit LLC, USA. In line with its vision of becoming a world-class provider of oil and natural gas drilling services using state-of-the-art Drilling Technologies and highly trained personnel in oil and gas business, PETRON has pursued significant low-risk drilling opportunities and is gradually developing strategic relationships with world’s best drillers and Drill Rig Manufacturers in order to boost its store-house of experienced professionals, drilling Rigs and other ancillary drilling equipments needed to get job done on time.

Its culture of going beyond the ordinary in quest for Healthy, Safe and Environmentally friendly strategies for our operations has seen PETRON successfully developed policies to protect its workforce, the environment and other ecologically sensitive areas. This means that our idea is consistent with internationally acceptable HSE standards; having the highest form of regards for people and environment over profit.


Corporate Strategy

PETRON is currently structuring its drilling business to comprise three main divisions:

The need for PETRON to be reshaped became strong partly as a result of the acquisition of over 30% stake in an existing company operating in the Niger-Delta region and its proposed acquisition of assets for its oil and gas drilling business.

A significant step towards the realization of PETRON’s strategic ambition in the oil and gas drilling business was when it announced that it has signed a deal with its American partner Shaw Regional Transit LLC, USA to arrange a US$100million finance package from one of the world’s most reputable funding agencies to enable it acquire and operate its own fleet of Drill Rigs. PETRON is currently in talks with its prospective partners who happen to be one of the best Drill Rig manufacturers in the United States of America.



Legal: Barrister Raymond I. Orisakwe – Orisakwe and Associates
Drilling Consultants: Kayode Adeoye, Engr Fidels Nwose
Accounting: Vincent Avwhi and Co. Chartered Accountants
Bankers: Zenith Bank Plc